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Life Point Law

Dear Client and Friends,

We are thrilled to announce the opening of our new law firm, Life Point Law. The Law Firm of Johnson & Nagaich, P.S. will continue to handle all existing cases opened prior to January 1, 2017. Any new legal matters arising after January 1, 2017 will be referred to the new Life Point Law firm.

Life Point Law will continue to provide the same nationally acclaimed LifePlan services that Johnson & Nagaich, P.S. has so astutely provided. We continue to recognize that health, housing, financial, and legal issues are essential estate planning aspects that are necessary to address in order to avoid becoming a burden on others, prevent a move to an institutional setting, and to protect assets. Additionally, the new Life Point Law firm will provide a full complement of legal services to support the wide-ranging needs of our clients, such as trial and appellate litigation, healthcare litigation, business, construction, personal and financial injury, end of life disputes, and representation of children/minors. These legal services are offered with the same unique, client-centered approach that has been, and always will be, coupled with a willingness and ability to undertake the most challenging cases.  The new name, Life Point Law, better describes our goals of making a difference in the lives of retirees, and all our clients, as they reach a point in their lives where legal counsel proves invaluable. It also represents the transition of expanding services to better assist the needs of our clients.

Life Point Law will continue to honor the founding principles Rajiv Nagaich has demonstrated over the past 14 years. His dedication to integrity and excellence in the practice of law, as well as his profound service to the community, will continue to be integral to Life Point Law’s philosophy. We are honored to introduce and welcome Rajiv’s talented and esteemed colleague, Greg McBroom, who will be the Managing Partner for Life Point Law. Greg brings over 14 years of trial and law firm experience. His qualifications include acting as lead attorney for the largest jury verdict in history against the state of Washington. He shares in Rajiv’s philosophy of integrity and dedication, focusing on the development of client relationships built on trust, commitment, and respect.
Please join us in looking forward to the new Life Point Law website launch in mid-February 2017, which will further describe our extensive legal services. The URL for the new website is
As always, thank you for trusting us will your legal needs.


Rajiv Nagaich
Attorney and Counselor-at-Law

Greg McBroom
Attorney and Counselor-at-Law